Professor Stuart CarneyDeputy Executive Dean & Medical Dean of Faculty of Medicine
Professor Stuart Carney

Welcome to The University of Queensland’s Regional Training Hubs.  The Regional Training Hubs are part of a group of initiatives introduced by the Australian Government to address medical workforce mal-distribution and are one of three components of the Integrated Rural Training Pipeline for Medicine (IRTP). The project aims to improve the recruitment and retention of medical graduates and medical specialists to remote, regional, rural areas. 

I am delighted to introduce the three Regional Training Hubs established by UQ. Collectively across our footprint and at a state-wide level, we strive to address the development of medical training capacity by working closely with key partners and stakeholders to support vocational training and re-engineer training pathways that are regionally focussed thereby improving the training pipeline into rural practice.

We also strive to address shortages in access to medical education and training within remote, rural and regional Australia to enhance medical training opportunities within the regions through strengthening existing and developing new connections with key stakeholders. 

Medical students and junior doctors on the training continuum will benefit from our initiatives and by promoting the value proposition for staying regional and rural through a number of mediums and communication channels, our work will ultimately advance medical care in Australia, in particular remote, rural and regional Queensland.


Our aim is to improve the retention of medical graduates to remote, rural and regional areas.

Each of our three training hubs have a highly skilled team of academic, project and administrative staff who live and work within our geographical footprint. Teams have been established to help create coherent and connected rural career pathways for our junior doctors and bring a collective knowledge, understanding and expertise for what it means to live and work in a rural environment.

We are dedicated to achieving the objectives of the Regional Training Hubs which are to:

  • Improve the coordination of the stages of medical training to enable students intending to practise rurally to complete as much of their medical training as possible within regional and rural areas
  • Identify medical students with an interest in practising rurally and facilitate access to networked rural training opportunities at an early stage in their careers
  • Develop regional training capacity by supporting current supervisors of clinical training; assisting health services in obtaining accreditation for new training positions; and supporting local medical practitioners to become clinical supervisors
  • Strengthen existing, and develop new, connections with key stakeholders to improve the continuity of training for medical students/trainees within our region
  • Identify regional medical workforce needs and use this information to prioritise our activity

Your rural career pathway

We are here to help you build your rural career pathway. We can assist students, junior doctors and registrars by:

  • Identifying rural career pathways and providing support
  • Helping new graduates navigate the often complex postgraduate training system
  • Delivering junior doctor mentoring programs tailored specifically to the individual
  • Assisting junior doctors to experience and realise the true benefits of living and working regionally and rurally 
  • Supporting current supervisors of clinical training and supporting local medical practitioners to become clinical supervisors.
  • Providing access to advanced technologies, equipment and training spaces for superior medical education and training
  • Delivering medical education events to enhance professional development, skills advancement and networking opportunities, in particular within the rural context
  • Identifying rural research opportunities


Professor Sarah Strasser
Head, Rural Clinical School

Ms Debbie Croyden
Project Manager
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