The University of Queensland Regional Training Hubs operating in Central Queensland, Wide Bay and Southern Queensland, complement the existing investment in rural training for university medical students and seeks to strengthen the pipeline to rural practice for both GPs and specialists.

We create coherent and connected rural career pathways for junior doctors and work to improve the retention of medical graduates to our regions.

Meet Dr John Inderhaug, our Faces of Regional Medicine

Meet Dr John Inderhaug, our Faces of Regional Medicine.

Dr Inderhaug is an ED Consultant and Director of Clinical Training for the Hervey Bay Hospital.

"I really enjoy living in Hervey Bay. The hospital itself is the perfect size. It’s got enough activity that it provides its daily challenges at work and also just living in this area and having children and raising kids here is the probably the best thing.”

"I find that you can do a lot more in a regional area than you ever can in the city. We work where we don’t have sub-specialities, we don't have opthamology onsite, we don't have ENT onsite. So, when we have a patient coming in, with for example with Quinsy, we can’t just call an ENT surgeon to help us manage that, we have to drain that ourselves in ED. And so, you extend your skills set accordingly and you do many things that you wouldn’t normally do in a metropolitan ED and we do it well and we do it safely.”



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