UQ can assist in finding relevant funding sources for research; library services; research partnerships; scholarships; managing research grants; infrastructure to store and manage research data; specialised equipment for research; information technology and software services; high performance computing; protecting intellectual property; marketing and commercialisation services and publishing and sharing of research findings. 

Planning for Research

Research Idea

If you have an idea and you wish to check its viability as a project, there are a number of things you can do:

  1. Talk to your colleagues in your own department or unit and explore the idea further. You often need the support of your colleagues and line manager/director to complete a research project
  2. If you are affiliated with UQRCS, share your idea with the local librarian or email UQRCS Research Centre
  3. Attend one of the weekly Brainwaves meetings on Wednesdays (1-2 pm) and discuss potential next steps in person or via Zoom: https://uqz.zoom.us/j/427120254 
  4. Subscribe to the research weekly email newsletter (from UQRCS) by sending a request to UQRCS Research Centre
  5. If your idea has a commercial potential or if you want to work with governmental datasets, please discuss your idea (in confidence) with the Director of Research, UQRCS

Research timelines

Research Activity

Average time

Developing a protocol


Develop a study protocol for a clinical audit for low and negligible risk (LNR) type study

40+ hours

Develop a study protocol for a clinical trial including detailed literature review, study design, statistical analyses

200+ hours

Applying for grants


Prepare a competitive application seeking funds for medical research to the NHMRC or other relevant funding bodies

3-6 months

Announcement of the funding results by the NHMRC after submission of your application

4-6 months

Ethics Applications and Reports


Complete ethics submission for low and negligible risk study using ERM or HREA system.

2+ hours

Complete ethics submission for interventional studies including clinical trials using ERM or HREA system.

5+ hours

Develop participant information and consent forms

2-4 hours

Turnaround time for LNR studies after submission to ethics committees

60+ days

Turnaround time for interventional studies after submission to ethics committees. (60 days minimum and plan for another 60 days if significant revisions are requested by the ethics committee)

120+ days

Complete the Annual/progress report to ethics committee (LNR)

1-2 hours

Complete the Final report to ethics committee (LNR)

2 hours

Site specific Approval


Complete Site-Specific Approval submission for research at a HHS site

5+ hours

Average turnaround time for Site Specific Approval after ethics clearance (LNR)

2-4 weeks

Turnaround time for Site Specific Approval after ethics clearance (multi-site studies)

4-6 months depending on the number of sites

Clinical Trials Preparation


Setup a web-based electronic case-report forms for clinical trials (that conforms to FDA regulations)

2-3 months

Register a clinical trial protocol with a registry such as clinicaltrials.gov


1-2 hours

Data collection, Collection Tools and Data Management


Audit a typical medical record at a hospital or GP setting

30-45 minutes

Develop a survey questionnaire with 20 questions and set it up in survey monkey

4-8 hours

Develop a data collection tool in a spreadsheet or database depending on the complexity

2-4 hours

Create a new record and data storage/collaborative space within UQRDM

30 minutes

Turnaround time for statistical analyses and reporting for a study

4 weeks

Collaborative and Student Agreements


Turnaround time for developing research collaboration agreements (RCA) (between UQ and any HHS in Qld)

3-6 months

Complete medical student IP agreement signed off by UQ (SIPCA)

4 weeks

Getting HDR students to complete IP deed poll (SIPC)

1 week

Staff Recruitment


Recruit and employ casual research staff at UQ

2-4 weeks

Recruit and employ contract research staff or an academic at UQ

8-16 weeks

Manuscript Preparation


Prepare an abstract (250 words) for presentation at a conference (if you have all the results readily available)

1-2 hours

Prepare a manuscript for submission to peer-reviewed journals

1-3 months

Time for journals to review and decide to publish your submitted manuscript (including revisions)

3-12 months

Complete Research


To complete a PhD

3-4 years full time

6-7 years part time

Usual time it takes from conceiving a clinical research idea to publishing the findings in a journal

1-3 years

*Average time for a researcher, depending on your research experience, this may take longer.

Research resources

Proposal guidelines (DOCX, 719.2 KB) provide a series of questions to enable the student, clinician or researcher to consider aspects related to their research and includes advice on who to contact for help with particular aspects

The research proposal template (DOCX, 722.8 KB) assists in determining the feasibility of rudimentary research ideas and provides a structured format in which to present your research idea Once you have a short protocol for the project and support from your workplace, you may wish to discuss your ideas, research processes and timelines for the project more fully with an experienced researcher. 

Support from the Faculty of Medicine

UQRCS is one of the three main schools within the School of Clinical Medicine in the Faculty of Medicine. The Faculty can help with partnership agreements and research collaboration agreements; ethics guidelines; promotion of research expertise; biostatistical support; grant scheme assistance and support for student summer scholarships. Further information is available on their website.