Outback Queensland has the second highest coronary heart disease mortality rate in Australia, second only to the Northern Territory. Nationwide, heart disease affects over 1.2 million people and is the leading cause of death in Australia.  A large proportion of these deaths are premature and preventable. 

Join our Cardiology panel discussion to learn more on the management of acute cardiac presentations in a rural or remote context, myocardial infarction, arrhythmias, cardiac failure and the diagnoses and management of rheumatic heart disease. 

This interactive session explores case-based scenarios in the rural and remote context and provides opportunities to share industry trends, discuss common issues and be informed of emerging medical developments. 

About the series

Our Educational Zoom Series connects rural and regional Queensland medical students, junior doctors, rural registrars, rural generalists and specialists, nursing and allied health professionals in one hour interactive Zoom video conferences. 

The series aims to provide enriched learning experiences in the rural and remote context, and delivers case-based scenarios, panel discussions and encourages audience participation. 

Meetings are topic-based and provide opportunities to share industry trends with medical subject-matter experts, discuss common issues and be informed of emerging medical developments. 

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