The aims of the course are to:

  • expand and consolidate the theoretical knowledge and principles of adult education
  • expand theoritical knowledge and practical skills in workplace-based clinical supervision
  • increase confidence as a clinical supervisor
  • promote discussion of issues that promote or detract from effective clinical education

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Module 1: Educational theory , adult learners and resources for teachers (Tues, 6 Aug 19)

Module 2: Writing a lesson plan and learning objectives (Tues, 20 Aug 19)

Module 3: Teaching styles and presentations (Tues, 3 Sep 19)

Module 4: Teaching a small group (Tues, 17 Sep 19)

Module 5: Teaching technical and non-technical skills (Tues, 1 Oct 19)

Module 6: Teaching on the ward round (involving the patients as educators) (Tues, 15 Oct 19)

Module 7: Assessment and feedback (Tues, 29 Oct 19)

Module 8: The student in difficulty (Tues, 12 Nov 19)


Level 2
Rockhampton Hospital
Academic Centre