Heading home to Toowoomba for First Year Observership placement

8 Dec 2020

For many students studying medicine with The University of Queensland (UQ), their First Year Observership opportunity takes them on a two week adventure in an unfamiliar setting, but local Toowoomba woman, Amy Morris has instead returned home.

UQ Year 1 medical student Amy Morris
UQ Year 1 medical student Amy Morris and her dad, after graduating with her degree in nursing with UQ

The desire to become a doctor came when she was in primary school and became even stronger in high school when her 43 year old father had a heart attack.

“I remember watching the healthcare team care for him, and with no doubt in my mind I knew that this was definitely what I wanted to do,” she said.

Amy is studying UQ’s four year Doctor of Medicine (MD) program and currently getting her first real exposure to the practice of medicine in a variety of settings through UQ’s First Year Observership.

“The knowledge, skills and experiences I've gained from my nursing degree has helped me enormously throughout the first year of my MD, not only from the science perspective, but also with understanding patients and seeing their health through a wider lens than just the biomedical.

"I can't imagine any career more rewarding than one where you can use your knowledge and skills to save or change a life” she said. 

Amy says she’s a far happier person when she’s home, surrounded by the support and love of family and friends in Toowoomba.

“It's extremely important to me to one day (once I've finished my MD), be able to give back to a community that's given me so much,” she said.  

Amy is one of eight Year 1 medical students currently undertaking their two week First Year Observership at UQ Rural Clinical School Toowoomba.