First year medical students observing in Hervey Bay

8 Dec 2020
UQ Year 1 medical student Eloise Wiffen
UQ Year 1 medical student Eloise Wiffen

Eloise Wiffen is getting her first real taste of medicine in a clinical setting as she undertakes her First Year Observership opportunity in Hervey Bay, as part of The University of Queensland (UQ) Doctor of Medicine Program.

Eloise will spend two weeks observing under the supervision of Dr Rehman (Rehman Clinic) and will gain exposure into the operational side of the clinic.

“Growing up in a household of family members who all worked or were pursuing studies in the medical field sparked my interest in medicine.

“The further I progressed in my undergraduate studies of biomedical science at UQ, the more certain I was that I wanted to pursue a career in medicine,” she said.

Eloise says that hearing about the health care experiences of family living in rural Queensland has made her acutely aware of the challenges of rural medicine, particularly the shortage of medical practitioners and resources in these areas.

“I believe it is extremely important to gain experience in rural healthcare in order to be capable of providing support to patients in rural and remote areas in the future.

“I am particularly excited to be here in Hervey Bay for my Observership; there’s a strong sense of community, which allows for a supportive learning environment,” she said.

Eloise is one of twelve Year 1 students who are undertaking their First year Observership at UQ Rural Clinical School Hervey Bay.