Southern Queensland

Known for its scenic landscapes, heritage, fine dining, culture and education, the Southern Queensland Regional Training Hub (SQRTH) is UQ’s largest and most southern hub. The boundary extends to the state boarders of NSW and Northern Territory and upwards from Goondiwindi to Toowoomba. The SQRTH sits within the Toowoomba RCS and is led by Senior Academic Clinician Associate Professor Thomas Doolan.  

Key initiatives

Mentoring Program

SQRTH is currently piloting a mentoring program for junior doctors and interns, building on existing programs within the region. An Indigenous Health Cultural Mentor Program is planned for doctors working in services with high Indigenous Health components. The hub is currently seeking interest for participation in mentor and mentee roles across the Junior Doctor, Intern, Registrar and Senior Doctor continuum. Please register your interest today by emailing and our Toowoomba-based team will provide further information. 

Educational Zoom Meetings

Additional remote support and mentoring is now offered via SQRTH’s Educational Zoom Meetings to reinforce connectivity as a reality for modern rural career choices. The Educational Zoom Meetings are scheduled to go live 27 June this year.  These 1-hour interactive webinar style meetings aim to provide a vertically integrated learning environment with attendant spin-offs of collegial support; plus, sharing and accelerating learning experiences in the rural and remote context.  Topics of interest include: Rural occupational medicine, Paediatrics, Indigenous Health, Chronic Diseases and Diagnostic ultrasonography training. For session information and registration, please contact

Team contacts

Senior Academic Clinician - Kilcoy

Dr Thomas Doolan
Associate Professor Rural Clinical School, University of Queensland

Academic Clinician - Goondiwindi

Dr Sarah Gleeson
Academic Clinician, Southern Queensland Regional Training Hub
GP - Goondiwindi Medical Centre
VMO (Obstetrics - Advanced Practice), Goondiwindi Hospital    

Academic Clinician - Kilcoy

Dr Matthew Cockburn
Academic Clinician, Southern Queensland Regional Training Hub


Project Team
T: +61 7 3365 5455