Dr Flecknoe-Brown graduated from the Monash Medical School before travelling to Sydney where he did most of his post-graduate training at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.  After a two-year Fellowship in Hematology and Oncology at the University of California at Los Angeles he returned to practice in Northern Sydney.  There he stayed until 1999, when, in response to the need for specialists in the Regions and what he had come to learn about the rural life-style, he took up an appointment as Consultant Physician at Broken Hill Health Service. There he remained for 16 years before transferring to Queensland. During that time he also served as founding Chairman of the Greater Western Health Advisory Council, the Far West Local Health District Board and the Board of NSW Health Pathology.  He has also served on a number of State and National bodies, government and non-government. Senior Academic Clinician at Wide Bay Regional Training Hub.